Prevention, Quality of Life, Aging in Place

Silver Economy Fund is the first private equity fund to invest in enterprises offering goods and services to the Silver Age

We are the first Italian private equity fund to invest in European and United States companies offering bespoke products and services to the entire over-50s age group, supplying these businesses with the necessary capital to speed up growth and development.


Silver Economy Fund is a themed fund focusing on enterprises leading the Baby Boomers and Over 70. The fund promotes strategic investments in new business models, which can be put in place through investment in digital technologies and research, duplicating and exporting these models to make the companies more competitive on a global scale. 

silver age fund


The term Baby Boomers is often used to refer to the people born in the United States and Western Europe between 1946 and 1964, and who today make up a sizeable part of the Silver Age, together with the over-70s. These two age groups now stand out not only for their demographic features but also for a spending power greater than that of the younger generations.


  • Prevention, intended as all initiatives to improve an individual’s physical wellbeing, from functional nutrition and preventive medicine through to anti-aging treatments and fitness
  • Better Quality of Life, achieved by devoting more time to recreational activities and to acquiring new skills
  • Aging in Place, including any action aiming to ensure self-sufficiency and autonomy to the more elderly age groups, through access to a caregiver network, mobility solutions, and clinical, highly specialized diagnostic or telehealth services
  • Evolution in the Healthcare Supply Chain, involving the procurement of all medical products or medicines, logistics, the pharmacies network and much more besides.
Portfolio companies
The Private Clinic
Latest acquisition
The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic (TPC) is a group of seven premium clinics and one hospital, based in the UK. The group has been providing cosmetic treatments and surgeries for over 40 years.

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