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ESG Policy

We foster sustainable and responsible investments

ESG Policy

Over recent years, Quadrivio Group’s management has placed ever greater attention on environmental, social and corporate governance matters (ESG), constantly encouraging sustainable and responsible investments

Measuring, managing and mitigating environmental, social and governance risks is an essential requirement today for those who operate in private equity, and one that responds to investors’ growing awareness of these issues.

Therefore, adopting sustainable and responsible investment strategies (SRI) oriented to the medium and long term is vital. These must combine financial assessment with environmental, social and governance analysis, in order to create value for investors and the acquired companies.


Investment phase

During this stage, screening of the company under evaluation takes place, thoroughly assessing its exposure to ESG risk factors, as well as its capacity to deal with these. Undertaking an ESG due diligence assessment is also important during this phase.


Monitoring and reporting phase

During this second phase, ESG principles are applied to all the investment activities, and the performance and sustainability of these activities are assessed. The key performance indicators (KPIs) are identified, for inclusion in the action plan. The collected data is then compiled into aggregated annual reports.


Exit phase

During the final stage, which is the sale of the portfolio company, the most relevant ESG factors are assessed in order to illustrate to investors what action has been taken to adhere to ESG policies, thus ensuring optimal management of environmental aspects.

Quadrivio Group incorporates ESG awareness within all its operational phases: from investment through to exit