Quadrivio Group

About us

We transform SMEs into small multinationals

We deploy specialized funds to invest in enterprises leading on their niche markets in order to achieve top-quartile performance

We are a primary operator in alternative investments. With more than 25 years’ experience in private equity, the group promotes and manages specialized funds, focusing on the main macro-trends. Over 2 billion euros have so far been raised from Italian and international institutional investors, family offices and HNWIs, and invested.


  • Quadrivio Group’s mission is to monitor the most important international sector trends
  • The group sees to developing and supporting the best strategies and the best products capable of meeting the expectations of all investor types
  • Its management team supports and manages specialized funds that focus on the most promising macro-trends on a global scale
  • Quadrivio Group offers a broad range of investment solutions to suit a variety of risk profiles
  • The group’s initiatives are structured to deliver top-quartile performance


the approach

Quadrivio Group is a body of enterprisers backing other enterprisers, with the aim of providing them with support during medium-term growth.

  • The group invests in SMEs with great potential for international expansion and that lead on their own market of reference, with the intent of transforming them into small multinationals.
  • By becoming part of an acquired company’s structure, Quadrivio Group is able to speed up that company’s development process, making it more streamlined and more competitive on a global scale.
  • Quadrivio Group significantly supports the companies it invests in, promoting strategies and processes structured on a medium-term timescale.

the strategies

Quadrivio Group’s management holds 100% of the group and invests directly in its funds, thus ensuring a complete alignment between in-house and investor interests.

  • The group’s strategies are structured to guarantee investors may benefit from high and constant returns, achieved also through tailor-made solutions and managed accounts.
  • These results are reached by relying on highly specialized teams, with extensive experience in their relative segments; this strategy is underpinned by a prestigious international network.

“We offer our investors tailor-made solutions and managed accounts”


Our international presence

Quadrivio Group may count on a global presence, thanks to offices in the main financial hubs: London, Milan, Luxembourg, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.


Our specialization

Quadrivio Group supports and manages specialized funds, focusing on the most promising macro-trends, aware that themed funds perform better than general ones.


Our investors

Quadrivio Group’s main investors are funds of funds, pension funds, insurance companies, government funds, banks, private investors, family offices and HNWIs, both within and outside Italy.


Our management

Quadrivio Group’s management holds 100% of the group and invests directly in its funds, thus ensuring a complete alignment between in-house and investor interests.


Our track record

Quadrivio Group has completed more than 100 investments over the last 25 years. Its top-quartile performances have enabled it to achieve an average portfolio IRR of 21%.


Our teams

Each fund possesses its own investment team that is highly specialized in its operating sector.


Our network

Quadrivio Group may rely on a prestigious international network, which supports the management and teams in all their activities, from origination to exit.