SILVER ECONOMY, MADE IN ITALY, INDUSTRY 4.0 – engines for the country’s growth


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SILVER ECONOMY, MADE IN ITALY, INDUSTRY 4.0 – engines for the country’s growth

The latest event organized by Quadrivio Group was held today at Hotel St Regis in Rome: ‘SILVER ECONOMY, MADE IN ITALY, INDUSTRY 4.0 ‒ engines for the country’s growth’.

The event saw the involvement of many renowned speakers, and particularly exponents from the enterprise and finance world. 25 stimulating moments, comprising individual speeches and round tables, offering opportunity for debate and for going further into Italy’s most promising sectors. The event was moderated by Fabio Tamburini, Editor-in-Chief of Il Sole 24 Ore, and was also streamed live to enable all stakeholders to take part.

Opening the event was Alessandro Binello. The Group CEO of Quadrivio Group explained:Digitalization, internationalization and sustainability are today essential key concepts for the country’s development and its companies. Private equity plays a decisive role in converting SMEs into strong enterprises capable of global competition. As private equity operators, our work is underpinned by a single goal: to invest in leading entities in order to transform SMEs into national champions.”

The second to speak was Carlo Robiglio. For the Chairman of Piccola Industria and Vice-Chairman of Confindustria, Nowadays we need to invest in companies and make the most of smaller enterprisers’ potential to expand and be innovative. We have to bring in all the tools necessary to backing the growth of these companies not only in terms of size but also regarding know-how and approach. In this context, opening up to external capital ‒ which means investment funds ‒ stands as a great opportunity not only for acquiring greater financial resources but also to have specialized skills and competences at the companies’ disposal.”

The next speech was byLuigi Gubitosi, CEO of TIM. This was followed by the first round table, focusing on the Silver Economy. Its members: Sergio Dompé, Chairman of Dompé Pharmaceuticals; Mariuccia Rossini, Chairwoman of Korian Group; Matteo Bassetti, Head of Department of Infectious Diseases at San Martino Hospital of Genova; Sara Farnetti, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Functional Medical Nutrition; Luigi Baldini, Chairman of ENPAPI; and Galeazzo Scarampi Del Cairo, Managing Partner at Silver Economy Fund.

Further speakers were: Alberto Oliveti, Chairman of ENPAM and Chairman of ADEPP; Giovanni Maggi, Chairman of Assofondipensione; and Francesco Profumo, Chairman of Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and Chairman of ACRI. His words encapsulated the importance of bank foundations for the nation’s development and growth: Foundations can act as sophisticated development agents capable of assisting the real economy, not only through their ability to supply funds but also by bringing into play managerial competences. The foundations’ primary aim is to draw on the best of Italy, encouraging targeted investments that combine training, attraction of capital and environmental needs.”

The second round table instead pivoted on debate regarding the Made in Italy sector. Members were:Piero Ferrari, Vice-Chairman of Ferrari; Mauro Bossola, Chairman of Intesa San Paolo Pension Fund; Gianluca Mollura, CEO of Mohd; Giordano Calza, CEO of GCDS; Piergiuseppe Mazzoldi, Chairman of BCC Pension Fund; and David Pambianco, Managing Partner at Made in Italy Fund.

The last round table gravitated on Industry 4.0 and included:Maurizio Marchesini, Chairman of Marchesini Group and Vice-Chairman of Confindustria; Oreste Accornero, Chairman of Rototech; Giuseppe Gaspari, Chairman of Texbond; Rossella Paliotto, Chairwoman of Banco di Napoli Foundation; Lorenzo Forte, CEO of EPI; and Roberto Crapelli, Managing Partner at Industry 4.0 Fund.

For Marchesini,Nowadays Industry 4.0 is of vital importance for the country and for its enterprises' production processes. It is an aspect concerning not only industry but also society and people. From robotics to cyber security, from the cloud to 3D printing: adopting new technologies has had a huge impact on companies, and its pace has sped up significantly in recent years, so much so as to make a shortening of the production process realistic in the near future.”

The event was brought to a close by Walter Ricciotti, CEO of Quadrivio Group: We are certain that Silver Economy, Made in Italy and Industry 4.0 are the main sectors to invest in today. As Quadrivio Group, we are ready to invest over a billion euros in their respective markets, thus making a decisive contribution to the development and growth of Italian companies, transforming them from SMEs to small multinationals.”