Lifestyle Fund

Fashion, Design, Beauty, Food & Wine

Supported and managed by Quadrivio & Pambianco, the first private equity fund to invest in Made in Italy excellence

We are the first Italian private equity fund focusing on investments in the fashion, design, beauty and food & wine sectors. We constantly monitor the main international trends, with an eye to investing in high-potential companies ready for international expansion, thus speeding up their growth and accentuating their creativity and expertise.

Lifestyle Fund is a themed fund focusing on SMEs operating in segments representing Italian excellence. We pay particularly close attention to small-to-medium-sized enterprises, which today make up a substantial portion of the Italian market. 


Italian enterprises operating in the fashion, design, beauty and food & wine sectors have always been symbols of creativity and production excellence, and stand as an investment opportunity for sector operators.


Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with lengthy experience in their specific sectors. They are able to offer businesses a mid-to-long-term strategic vision, without altering the company’s DNA while also conserving its cultural heritage. We work alongside the existing administration team, thus ensuring management continuity and providing the capital and all the necessary operative support.

The team plays a leading role in creating value for our portfolio companies by:

  • Strengthening and supporting the company management
  • Bringing in financial resources
  • Fostering growth
  • Consolidating market positioning
  • Sharing know-how
  • Pursuing acquisitions (buy & build strategy)
Portfolio companies
PT Torino
120% Lino
Latest acquisition
PT Torino

PT Torino is a firm specialized in manufacturing and distributing high-end men's and women's trousers. Its selection ranges from tailor-made garments through to luxury denim items.

Today the company is an established entity in international fashion, with its labels sold in 40 countries worldwide and with five prestigious showrooms, in Milan, Tokyo, Munich, New York and Turin.

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