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Quadrivio Group launches Silver Economy Fund

Quadrivio Group announces the Silver Economy Fund ‒ the first private equity fund to invest in companies offering goods and services for the Silver Age: from the Baby Boomers to those in their70s and beyond. The term Baby Boomers is often used to collectively denote people born in the United States and Western Europe between 1946 and 1964, and who today make up a sizeable part of the population in these regions.

In recent decades, due to the extension in lifespan, the number of Baby Boomers and over-70s has grown exponentially, going from 52 million to 117 million in the USA and from 105 million to 189 million in Western Europe. Italy too has seen a significant increase across this entire age spectrum, which today stands out not only for its demographic features but also for its spending power greater than that of the younger generations..

The over-50s are currently the main consumers and users of a broad range of products and services. While an ever larger number of enterprises are catering to this growing market, capital is needed to fully realize the full potential of the demographic and consumer shifts. This awareness and the opportunities presented underscore the creation of the Silver Economy Fund: a private equity fund with a capital-raising target of 400 million euros. The fund’s mission is to invest in European and United States companies that offer products and services to the over-50 cohort, supplying these enterprises with the capital to accelerate their growth and development.