Quadrivio Group and Microsoft Italy working together to bring artificial intelligence to Italian SMEs


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Quadrivio Group and Microsoft Italy working together to bring artificial intelligence to Italian SMEs

Vincenzo Esposito, CEO of Microsoft Italy, named as Senior Advisor to the Group.

Quadrivio Group ‒ operating in the private equity realm for over 25 years now ‒ and Microsoft Italy ‒ the multinational active in the technology sector ‒ announce Vincenzo Esposito has been appointed as new Senior Advisor to the Group.

CEO of Microsoft Italy since 2023, Vincenzo Esposito has lengthy experience in the field of new technologies and their application within organizations of all sizes. The goal of this teamwork is to support and speed up the process of technological transition and adoption of artificial intelligence systems by Quadrivio Group and its four specialized private equity funds: Lifestyle Fund, Lifestyle Fund II, Industry 4.0 Fund and Silver Economy Fund.

Nowadays, it is clearer than ever how SMEs can go beyond their own structural limits merely by investing in generative AI, enabling these companies to seize market opportunities and further enhance the innovative properties of products and services. The inclusion of a senior advisor to focus on AI confirms Quadrivio Group's awareness of this question, as well as its desire to transfer new skills and expertise to its teams and portfolio companies.

Mr Esposito will put his experience at the service of the Group, assisting the portfolio companies during this delicate process of technological ‒ and cultural ‒ transition. Adopting AI not only means acquiring technologies but above all implies the full involvement of the company executives, for a gradual change in enterprise business model and the management's mindset ‒ factors Quadrivio Group considers crucial and necessary for its companies' competitiveness at an international level.

Vincenzo Esposito, CEO of Microsoft Italy, commented on his new position: “Generative artificial intelligence offers small- and medium-sized companies the scope to experience ‒ rapidly and at limited costs ‒ the advantages of these technologies to boost growth and competitiveness. I'm very pleased to join Quadrivio Group as Senior Advisor on technological matters and to bring skills and resources to the organization and its portfolio companies so that they can quicken the pace in their innovation and development.”

For Alessandro Binello, Group CEO of Quadrivio Group: “The spread of generative artificial intelligence means we are witnessing an epochal change. Today, companies need to be guided in navigating this new context of innovation, to assist them in the responsible adoption of new technologies and artificial intelligence. We're proud to have a major sector expert on our team and we're certain this will speed up the development and competitiveness of our portfolio companies.”

Roberto Crapelli, Managing Partner at Quadrivio Group, also expressed his great satisfaction at the new addition: “With Microsoft guiding artificial intelligence developments, we're getting a pilot initiative underway to establish the strategic and operative use of AI also within Italian SMEs, where we expect significant competitive advantages and the swifter creation of value.”