New addition for Industry 4.0 Fund: SKA buys ISA


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New addition for Industry 4.0 Fund: SKA buys ISA

The Quadrivio Group private equity fund takes over ISA ‒ a leading Italian entity in manufacturing steel structures for farming and animal uses.

Quadrivio Group has acquired through SKA (its subsidiary specialized in manufacturing poultry farming systems) ISA S.r.l. and ISA Montaggi S.r.l. ‒ an Italian group producing steel structures for farming and animal-husbandry purposes.

SKA was bought in 2022 by the Quadrivio private equity apparatus Industry 4.0 Fund that invests in technological innovation and the digital transition of SMEs. Today, after the sale of EPI, SKA is one of the fund's six portfolio companies, found alongside: F&DE Group, a leading entity in services to hotel catering; Rototech, an Italian company that designs and produces plastic parts for the industrial, construction and farming sectors; Texbond, one of the main European manufacturers of nonwoven fabrics for the medical and hygiene fields; Soft N.W., specialized in producing and distributing nonwovens for the construction and agriculture worlds; and lastly Twist, a firm specialized in retailing reconditioned smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs and smartwatches.

The ISA group focuses on the entire production process for farming systems, from design to development, through to manufacturing and installation, offering a broad range of services to ensure the end client can rely on a well-tailored product. The enterprise specializes in facilities for poultry farming, hay and farming equipment storage units, and sports structures, particularly for riding stables and paddle court roofing.

ISA has generated a €7 million turnover in 2023, with an EBITDA margin of €800,000, showing good profitability and great potential for growth and development.

This takeover will enable SKA to strengthen its production plants and its capacity to offer turnkey solutions, so that they include not only free-range systems but also animal-housing structures, while also setting new synergies in motion and enabling in-house processes that have so far been outsourced.

"Quadrivio's Industry 4.0 Fund is pressing forward in investing in the improvement of its portfolio companies," commented Roberto Crapelli, Managing Partner at Industry 4.0 Fund and President of SKA. He continued: "The ISA takeover will enable SKA to take an important stride ahead in quality, to become even more competitive on its market thanks to the scope to offer turnkey services."

For Pietro Paparoni, the fund's Investment Director: “It is the beginning of a new phase for the company, which now stands as a player building a group around itself and pairing sustainable growth with a strong alignment of interests. The Zoccatelli brothers as part of the SKA capital means not only an increase in managerial know-how but also sturdy foundations of entrepreneurial DNA."

Massimo Ubiali, CEO of SKA, added: "By buying out ISA and ISA Montaggi, the SKA group has consolidated its leading position in the supply of turnkey poultry farming systems. The new acquisition will also streamline the industrial group's structure, taking its individual production sites to specialize in specific product lines and expanding the current product range with new solutions, also with the goal of greater penetration of foreign markets."

Alessio Zoccatelli and Davide Zoccatelli, CEO of ISA and CEO of ISA Montaggi respectively, expressed satisfaction at the deal, commenting: “We're enthusiastic at and eager to move forward with this operation. The shared goals will nourish and drive the group's growth”.  
Both brothers will remain within the management team, and their many years' experience will be constructive in reaching the business development targets that have been set.

The SKA and Industry 4.0 Fund teams were advised by Equity Factory. The legal due diligence and contract stipulation were by Studio Pedersoli.
The financial and tax due diligence were carried out by MAC-LAB, while the labour due diligence was conducted by Geco & Associati.
Instead, on the sellers' side, Unilegal Avvocati Associati provided its legal services, while Marangoni, Benvenuti & Associati oversaw the financial and tax aspects.