“Made in Italy Fund” signs its first deal and acquires a majority stake in 120% Lino


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“Made in Italy Fund” signs its first deal and acquires a majority stake in 120% Lino

Made in Italy Fund, the new private equity investment vehicle promoted by Q Group & Pambianco, has just signed its first deal securing a majority stake in Palladium Moda, owner company of the 120% Lino brand.

The new fund, run by its management team which sees Alessandro Binello, David Pambianco, Walter Ricciotti, Alessio Candi and Mauro Grange, aims at investing in SMEs with high growth potential and operating across the Made in Italy sectors: fashion, design, beauty and food.

Today, Made in Italy Fund’s target companies operate in an increasingly competitive scenario undergoing profound changes and overseen by global corporations. In this frame, SME’s entrepreneurs not always have the skills and the resources to embarke on a strong growth path, especially at international levels.

In order to support these companies, considered the healthiest part of the Italian industrial scene, Q Group & Pambianco established the Made in Italy Fund, the first private equity fund focused on investing throughout the Made in Italy sectors, that in 2017 achieved an export share of EUR 110 billion, +3% compared to 2016.

The fund will raise around EUR 200 million, and its investors range from social security institutions, to pension funds, funds of funds and Italian and international family offices.