The Industry 4.0 Fund is investing in Nabucco, an italian leader in hotel catering services


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The Industry 4.0 Fund is investing in Nabucco, an italian leader in hotel catering services

The Quadrivio Group, one of the main players in the private equity market for over 20 years, is announcing its acquisition, through the Industry 4.0 Fund, of a majority stake in Nabucco, the holding company controlling the F&DE Group and an Italian leader in hotel catering services.

The F&DE Group, based in Milan, is active in the service sector, offering catering and hospitality services throughout the Italian territory, managing more than 50 facilities with over 1,200 employees. In 2018, the group had a turnover of approximately 70 million euros.

Marcello Forti, founder and shareholder of the F&DE Group, will continue on as the head of the company, holding a significant minority stake, and will be supported by new managers brought into the company by the Quadrivio Group.

The Quadrivio Group has chosen to focus on catering and hospitality services for the first investment of the Industry 4.0 Fund, the Group’s new vehicle aimed at investing in the digitalization of SMEs. The objective of this operation is to support the company on its growth path through significant investments in 4.0 technologies, which enable the integration and digitalization of the whole production chain, thus ensuring the maximum degree of efficiency at the level of each individual process. These technologies will also support business development, using artificial intelligence tools to better satisfy the preferences of current and potential clients and allowing the company to set the goal of doubling its revenues over the next few years.

The development strategy fully reflects the purpose of the fund, which was developed at the initiative of Alessandro Binello, Roberto Crapelli and Walter Ricciotti in order to promote investments in the digital transformation of SMEs.